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The Benefits of Contract Hire and Leasing...

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Whether you need a vehicle for a business or for your own personal use, we all want the best vehicle leasing deal possible for our money.

Car and Van leasing can provide you with numerous financial benefits, along with being able to provide convenience and peace of mind.

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Financial benefits – for car and van leasing

One of the main financial benefits of vehicle leasing is that you will avoid a huge depreciation cost. What we mean by this is that over the last year in particular vehicles have depreciated their value more than ever, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. So if you are looking at buying a car outright, you will have already lost a proportion of the vehicles value in the first year alone and could be shocked later down the line when you come to sell or trade in your vehicle.

With leasing a vehicle, you are only actually paying to use the vehicle and are avoiding ownership and therefore avoiding any depreciation of the car or van.

Low monthly payments

One of the most attractive benefits of vehicle leasing is that you can agree monthly payment terms that are much lower than the cost of financing the total amount of a vehicle. This can then allow you to save money every month, and spend or invest these savings elsewhere.

Another benefit to low monthly payments is that you may now be able to lease a higher spec vehicle, due to the amount that you would save by not purchasing outright.

Initial payment

Initial payment is the deposit you would put down for the lease vehicle. The initial payment is usually 3-6 monthly payments, depending on the lease terms. The benefit here is that you don’t have to save a great amount for the deposit enabling you to quite quickly get yourself into a new vehicle.

Fixed payment price

Another great benefit with vehicle leasing is that you pay an agreed monthly amount. This payment remains the same throughout the length of your agreement allowing you to budget accordingly.

Let’s now move on to discussing the convenience and the peace of mind you can get through vehicle leasing…

Road Tax

Do you find it a hassle and an inconvenience to remember when your vehicles road tax is about to run out?

If you lease a car or van the road tax is included for the entire duration of your contract, your vehicle leasing company will automatically renew this for you.

If you are looking to finance your vehicle by Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), your agreements will include road tax for the first year only.

You don’t have to sell your vehicle

Do you dread the thought of having to sell your vehicle?

If you lease a car or van you don’t have to! Simply use the vehicle for the agreed period of time (which is usually between 2-4 years), and at the end of the lease hand it back! It’s that easy! At this point most people decide to take out another lease and can then enjoy the benefits of driving another brand new vehicle!

If you are unsure about handing the vehicle back and like the idea of owning the vehicle at the end of the agreement, PCP, Contract Purchase or Lease Purchase could be the option for you. If you would like to find out more about these finance options please call us on 0845 06 06 102 or click here.


A great benefit of leasing is that your chosen vehicle/vehicles will always be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, providing the lease is 3 years or less and within the warranty mileage which is usually 60,000.

Having the warranty covered for the duration of the lease will give you peace of mind that should a vehicle fault occur, you can simply take it to any of the manufacturer’s franchised dealerships for repair.

Maintenance Package

When leasing a vehicle you will be given the option to purchase a maintenance package. This will provide you with a fixed monthly cost for vehicle maintenance. These packages include, full cover for routine servicing, tyre replacement and exhaust replacement.

A Maintenance package is extremely convenient as you’ll know that any unexpected servicing and repair bills will be covered.

The main benefit!!!

Of course one of the biggest benefits of leasing is that you’ll practically always be in a brand new car! If you are a business that has fleet requirements leasing your vehicles can help you in other areas such as the increasing safety regulations and of course duty of care.

At Cheaper Van Sales we have a finance option available for everyone! However if leasing isn’t for you we can also provide you with cash prices.

Contact us If you would like to discuss any of the benefits of vehicle leasing or you are interested in a no obligation quote please call us on 0845 4 900 400 or click here.

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Posted on 16th October 2014 at 3:44 PM

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